Reducing the cost of care: Improvement in outcomes means lower cost of care

Volv's mission is to reduce the cost of healthcare, so each of our products has this carefully targeted as an outcome, that is good for patients, good for healthcare and good for business.

inTrigue increases your understanding of the patient journey and shows where patients are moving in their diagnostic odyssey providing valuable insights as to the impact of earlier interventions. Unique, data driven, patient journeys are created by country and will help understanding of avoided cost through earlier diagnosis.

We can enable reduced cost of care by defining treatable cohorts much more accurately and ensuring only appropriate treatment of the right patients we can reduce otherwise wasted costs.

The use of Novel biomarker discovery from existing patient journeys to build new predictive models and then generate new Clinically interpretable models helps reduce costly errors and misdiagnosis at the point of care.

The Patient journey explorer allows you to monitor the disease within diverse clinical systems to see improvement in outcomes.

inVerse helps in providing treatments that are personalised to the individual, therefore increasing treatment outcomes for the patients and delaying disease progression, and the associated cost burden.

inCognita specifically brings in automated remote passive monitoring and diagnostic triggers that allow digital interventions that avoid costly visits to clinicians and also reduce disease progression.