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Discovering new biomarkers

Using novel techniques with extremely small sample sizes, which are typical to rare diseases and personalised medicines, Volv builds predictive diagnostic algorithms that outperform human clinical diagnostic performance by looking at data earlier in the patient journey and by identifying cognitive biomarkers, digital biomarkers and medical biomarkers that drive a completely new way to diagnose.

  • cognitive biomarkers are where we are picking signals by way of things that are thought about the disease from the way it is handled or managed or classified within the clinical system
  • digital biomarker are where the actual data is informative in some way about the disease
  • physical biomarkers are phenotypic features of the patients that are predictive of the disease

These biomarkers are discovered by the model learning process, and we often find them out only as the model improves and as we are subsequently deriving clinically interpretable models.

Contact us to find out more about what these biomarkers might look like for the diseases that you are interested in.