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We thought carefully about data and privacy when setting up Volv in 2016. GDPR had not been implemented, but we knew that general privacy regulations were only going to get more stringent. Also, we observed that many companies were looking to establish strong offerings in the management and anonymisation of electronic health records.

We therefore decided that we could setup the company with data privacy by design - with a partnership model when it comes to patient data.

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Volv has no patient data - by design

Volv focusses on bringing value to data through advanced federated learning and deployment technologies.

That means that we do not need any patient data of our own.

Volv partners with companies that are authorised and responsible as data curators and processors. We work with them in a way that meets their stringent requirements and according to the local and regional legal requirements. In this way, we mitigate privacy issues to the maximum extent possible.

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Federated models

Volv has developed federated model learning capabilities specifically to address the challenges of heterogenous and private data.

This allows us to work at the highest level of detail, whilst meeting the requirements of any specific regulations in any jurisdiction, with the relevant permissions.

Without this wide-ranging capability, it is impractical to deploy any type of predictive model across multiple countries and data sources.

Privacy Policy

What information we collect, why we collect it, how we use and protect it, and the choices you have. Your privacy and the security of your personal information are very important to us. We want you to be as comfortable as possible visiting our Website and using our services and features. This Privacy Policy governs the website (the Website). It explains how we collect information about you on our Website, how we process, use and protect that information, and the choices you have concerning the use of that information.