inTrigue product options

Volv inTrigue methodology, for difficult to diagnose and rare disease modelling.

inTrigue is a completely new way to discover the patients that typically cannot be found.

inTrigue product options

inTrigue Disease Learning

To diagnose diseases earlier we need to understand the nature of the disease in an unbiased way taking into account all that we can discover about the condition. We call this disease modelling for prediction.

inTrigue Patient Experience Explorer

A deep understanding of the typical patient experience holds the key to planning how interventions can be made to reduce time to diagnosis.

inTrigue Disease Monitoring

We use high-sensitivity, proprietary technology to detect digital biomarkers across all human diseases. We focus on difficult to diagnose conditions.

inTrigue Disease Questionnaires

Volv has worked out how to design highly accurate patient-diagnosis questionnaires that are simple to complete online by patients alone or with the help of their clinicians. We have built questionnaires that can distinguish between more than one rare disease at a time and distinguish patients with rare disorders from non-rare mimics.