Volv's methodology for finding patients with difficult to diagnose and rare diseases

inTrigue is a new way of building computational models using machine learning to detect undiagnosed rare and orphan disease patients in population-scale databases such as electronic health records.

Volv has a number of products and services that together with the core predictive modelling make up the inTrigue methodology. They enrich the insights and learnings derived from the core predictive orphan disease modelling delivering further value to healthcare providers, patients, and payers alike.

inTrigue: Be ready for truly personalised medicine

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What else does inTrigue deliver?

Unrivaled Accuracy

inTrigue’s current performance has an area under curve (AUC) of 97.5%. What does that mean? It means there are almost no false positives.

This accuracy enables reliable, clear insights in the following areas:

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Disease Learning

inTrigue uses a new way to learn about your disease thereby driving new insights in:

- Symptom prioritisation;
- Patient journeys;
- The reasons for current misdiagnoses;
- Understanding variability in clinical decision making, for example, between different doctors and hospitals.

InTrigue prediction models improve via machine learning on new data.

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Patient Cohort Finding

InTrigue excels at cohort identification enabling precision case-finding. Start putting your real-world evidence to work and derive full value from your clinical trials. InTrigue identifies the patients that fit the cohort profile.

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Prevalence Insight

Stop guessing about prevalence. InTrigue brings evidence to support your prevalence claim, and introduces confidence into payer discussions about your treatment.
Based on analysis of electronic health records in each country and finding new undetected patients, true numbers of patients in a country are uncovered, which payers want to know.

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Risk Mitigation

Payers are focused today on correctly assessing the value and costs of individual medicines as a way of reducing their overall financial risk. Gaining agreement from payers is necessary, not only for unit pricing, but also to identify eligible treatment populations. Having accurate, evidence-based prevalence facilitates agreement on both points, and ensures that your payer customers derive the maximum value from their investment. This in turn builds trust in your medicines.

inTrigue enables World Class Market Access Planning

Use our precision and reliability to achieve your market access planning more effectively. Clinician adoption means improving clinical practice by helping physicians identify and treat the right patients. InTrigue high-performance prediction models are transformable into simpler models which, while still accurate, are readily-interpretable by non-experts.

Uptake with physicians shows that for companies focusing on rare diseases, the specialist diagnosing physicians become the medicine advocates, owing to the accuracy of the clinical toolsets that they can work with (and the identification of undiagnosed patients). This combination accelerates diagnosis and can reduce cost of sales significantly.

Patient satisfaction is increased as early diagnosis reduces patient frustration and increases quality of life.

inTrigue Impact on your rare disease business

By understanding more about your markets with empirical evidence derived from real-world data, inTrigue has a ripple of significant benefits through your organisation.

inTrigue Business Case

By finding more patients and finding them earlier and with greater accuracy, inTrigue helps more patients to be treated for longer. The greater accuracy also ensures that you remove risk of inappropriate treatment.

inTrigue Components

Volv inTrigue methodology, for difficult to diagnose and rare disease modelling. inTrigue is a completely new way to discover the patients that typically cannot be found.