20220627 Volv Logo at WODC 2022
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Volv are Platinum Sponsors at the World Orphan Drug Congress (WODC) USA, Boston, July 11th to 13th 2022. Come and meet us at Booth #318.Rare disease drug developers face significant challenges during clinical development, from finding patients to conduct their trials to addressing heterogeneity in the target patient population. To help rare disease innovators establish a better clinical development strategy, Volv is conducting an in-depth Workshop at the WODC USA, and will announce a new offering called inClude. Volv’s Workshop at the WODC USA on 11th July 2022 at 15:00 will explore how to develop a better target product profile and enhance outcome assessments.

Volv is a leader in applying AI to healthcare with a focus on rare or difficult-to-diagnose diseases. Volv’s leading AI methodology inTrigue uses machine learning to detect undiagnosed rare and orphan disease patients in population-scale data such as electronic health and claims records. Volv’s product inClude, enriches disease understanding with new insights, delivering increased value to healthcare providers, patients, and payers alike.

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