Volv Global at the BioPôle

Volv chose the Biopôle as it’s headquarters because it is a vibrant community where ideas cross boundaries, generations and disciplines in a naturally collaborative spirit. We were searching for something different, more personal, surrounded by an inspiring landscape, and Biopôle was the answer. With a world-class combination of infrastructure, added value services, living space and community engagement near to leading scientific and educational communities, it was always top of our list. Volv are moving in in early 2018.

Volv in a Vibrant Community Enabling Innovation

As humans we naturally recognise when somewhere gives us a real sense of “community”, and then we aspire to move into that locality for both work and family life.

Biopôle also encompasses the soft factors which are the most difficult to quantify: how do people interact? How do they generate fantastic ideas? Are they inspired by their work environment? Are all the elements in place for a great quality of life?

Our ambition is to work with all our partners onsite to nurture a vibrant life science community. One that enables “innovation” – the holy grail of both industry and academia.

Industry & Academia - Inspiring Each Other

The more pairs of eyes you have looking at a problem, the better chances of a solution. Especially in today’s openly-networked world. In a physical location such as Biopôle both industry and academia to co-exist. But more than that, Biopôle supports all parties to ensure that there is communal knowledge and appreciation of what projects they are pursuing and where there might be opportunities for synergies and collaboration. This has born fruit for Volv already.

World-class reputation in academia and research are a great attraction for industry to consider building a presence in any location. We are especially proud to be neighbours with, amongst others, the University Hospital of Canton Vaud (CHUV), University of Lausanne Centre of Immunology, the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, the Swiss Vaccine Foundation, and to be in proximity to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

While we are open to all therapeutic areas, our main focus in the locality is to work with partners developing innovative solutions in the fields of oncology, immunology and personalised medicine. These solutions can cover a wide spectrum from diagnostics to therapeutics, medical devices, nutrition and digital health.

Swiss Quality

Being Swiss, Biopôle naturally delivers a world- leading level of quality in everything that is offered. High performance covers the physical attributes of the buildings, facility management, the technology platforms with shared access, and the everyday amenities for all of us working onsite, and that really helps with the collaborative atmosphere.

Come and see us at Biopôle in 2018.