The global pharmaceutical industry has seen a downturn in recent years because of the challenges and cost associated with pharmaceutical development, procrastination in drug development, etc. Clinical trials field is also faced with such challenges. Cases of failures, cost and delay are high. It is high time that we look into innovative strategies, new technologies, effective and quality collaborations to address these issues, which can cater to the needs of the patient and the industry. Due to complex clinical trials and bygone data standardization methods, we need algorithms and lucrative strategies that will enhance the clinical trials outcomes. There are vast data collected across clinical trial process, the standardization of these data will turn into an opportunity for companies to trap the information and raise clinical trial design, patient recruitment, monitoring insights and augment decision-making.

The Global Clinical Trials Connect 2018 conference focuses on introducing pioneer technology, developing better patient engagement and collaborating strategies in clinical trials.

Volv presenting on how new approaches in Data Science can help 

Volv will be at the conference talking about how it is seeing a real shift in what is possible and what is being adopted to keep the industry competitive while remaining steadfastly patient focussed. We will try to show how an AI-enabled biopharma company (or CROs) can now

  • recruit biomarker-qualified patients for trials, in a new way using
    • predictive cognitive markers,
    • digital biomarkers and
    • biomarkers
  • select patients for approved precision treatments with accuracy unachievable until now and then
  • track outcomes to enhance future selection

and finally why this is a now a reality, and indeed a real opportunity.