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Volv's mission is to speed science, reduce cost of healthcare, thereby enhancing well-being for all

Some of our products and things we solve

The Challenges we have set ourselves:

optimise spend in r&d

The challenge is to identify reasons for extraordinary wasted spend in R&D on dead-end research and ways to reduce it.
We are bringing to market a solution to this extremely compelling problem for our customers. Using advanced predictive technologies, unassissted machine learning, artifical intelligence paradigms and web-scale technologies we are building a platform to solve the problem.
We are working with customers that desire to significantly reduce their dead-end research spend. We also want to work with customers who want to invest in new research using our methodology for the early identification of medical breakthroughs. 

reducing healthcare cost

We have identified this as a priority area for volv.

We are initially working on two specific areas to solve that will have a massive impact on overall healthcare spend.

We are looking for progressive thinking governments and industry leaders to move our thinking forward. 

improving patient satisfaction

Our challenge is around reducing the impact on patients from adverse events and non-adherence.

We have launched a product in March 2017 with a specific focus on web monitoring, social listening and literature search.

We are looking for clients that want to progress in RWE, secure mobile patient data, rare disease, adherence and medicines and device safety agendas.

optimised talent identification

Timely talent matching and acquisition for excellence in product development is a key challenge area for volv.

We have built a set of predictive measures to help with timely, targeted talent acquisition.

This will be important to scientific startups and companies that have requirements for specific scientific expertise at a particular time.

We can predict for you when you need the talent.

the volv team

We founded volv simply in the knowledge that more than 20 years each in different industries had brought us to the same pattern of thinking: pragmatic action was needed to drive the pace of change required by our customers, and we were perfectly placed to do this.

Christopher Rudolf

Founder & CEO

“Looking for challenges and problems to solve is what I love to do.

I am always amazed by the insight and direction that we get from our customers. That makes the ability to build trust and tangible win-win partnerships truly rewarding.

Volv is our evolution, taking us and our partners and customers forward a major step."

Jan Prins

Founder & CBO

“I have been working with clients and customers predicting their needs and following the evolution of their businesses and careers which has driven real trust.

Experience across the life sciences sector and in particular Biotech drove us to address a real need that we saw emerging.

We are anticipating some exciting changes.”

Dr Mike Tremblay PhD

Director & CSO

“Working at the macro economic scale in governmental as well as commercial clients has made me acutely aware of the pressing problems we need to solve.

At volv, we have a uniquely bright bunch of people here to help us all solve some of those problems.

Bluesky thinking is what takes us forward at volv, come join us in our thinking.”

Marc Molenwijk


“We build platforms to let our imaginations run wild with the potential that we bring for our customers.

Behind that we have 15 years of real practical know-how in web technologies from the beginning that makes us and our customers excited about the value we can bring them.

Our team is unique, motivated, pragmatic and above all imaginative.”


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